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There is actually no rhyme or reason for these posts other that I got 'em so I'll show 'em.

Starting with another option for an alternate jersey for Phoenix.
Watching their series with the Wings, I came to realize that the Coyotes jersey is one of my favourites in the league. And it's a RBK template (no bottom stripes). I felt that their 3rd jersey is one of the worst in the league. I tried to fix that here.

Word of Pittsburgh having a new alternate next year that would include their current powder blue colour.
I tried to create something here, but it doesn't look great.

It's obvious that Detroit wants no part of the 3rd jersey program. However, if they ever did decide to participate I think it would have to be a vintage jersey. How about this one?

For this Carolina concept I was just playing around with some stripes and colours.
It's not bad, but it's not great. There's nothing awesome enough to mention. Your thoughts?

Finally, the Kings will wear special throwback jerseys next year. I drew up the following possibility.
We've had a concept like this before. I made the neck insert purple and added the RBK curved armbars.

That's it. Questions? Comments? Criticisms?
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