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3rd Round Playoff Predictions

In the second round I went 2 for 4. Both correct guesses I also managed to guess the length of the series correct. Although I never could've guessed Philly completing one of the, if not the biggest comebacks in NHL history.

That brings my total score to 7 of 12 series correct, with myself guessing the series length correctly 5 times of those 7 series.

7) Philadelphia vs 8) Montreal

Did the Flyers ever think that they would have home ice advantage in a series at all this year? Did they even think that they were getting out of round 2 after the third game? Unbelievably we have the bottom two seeds in the East playing each other in the Conference finals. Makes some feel like the regular season was a waste of time. I can never pick the Canadiens to win a series. I can also never support them. They will probably win this series (blah!), but I can not endorse them. Thusly, for no good reason I HOPE the Flyers win the series. Either way I think this one is going the distance.
PICK: Philadelphia in 7

1) San Jose vs 2) Chicago

For the last two rounds I have said that the Sharks will stir up performances of playoffs past and choke. This year appears to be different. They have still disappointed so many time though that I can not pick them to win this series. Chicago was in this position last year and knows what it takes to win. San Jose is still learning as they go what it takes to win. San Jose may have better goaltending, but I think Chi-town has the better defence unit. It may come down to Heatley/Thornton vs Toews/Kane.
PICK: Chicago in 6
3rd Round Playoff Predictions Reviewed by Ryan on May 16, 2010 Rating: 5


Glen said...

I'm with you, Ryan. I had to pick PHI in 7 just because I could never pick MTL to make it to the Finals. It seems almost sacreligious for us Leafs fans.

Ryan said...

Thanks Glen. Leafs fans must stick together as we are easy targets for the other 29 envious teams.

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