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Original 6 Concepts

The playoffs are taking away time that I usually contribute to creating jersey concepts. Yet, I have managed to put together four concepts that I really like. I will post them in order, from least to most, favourite.

Toronto Maple Leafs
This one is based on their 1930's era jerseys. I really like this logo and would love to see it on some form of Leafs merchandise at some point. With rumours of a new Maple Leafs 3rd jersey in two seasons, it makes me wish that they could use this logo. But there are 3 other great logos that they could use also.

Boston Bruins
This one is based off of their Winter Classic sweater. Replaced the brown with their traditional black. I know it takes away from the awesomeness of the new year's day jersey, but it still looks pretty cool.

Chicago Blackhawks
This is just a black version of their current red sweaters. Before you think that they already did that, their previous black jersey was modeled after their white jersey. Yes the stripe pattern on the red sweaters and white sweaters is slightly different.

Montreal Canadiens
Habs suck! It must be said, but I like this as a possible 3rd jersey. It is based from two eras, mid 30's and the 1950's. The logo on the left arm is from the 1930's and the number font is based from the glory days of the 50's. The white collar is also from the 1950's

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