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April 29, 2010

2nd Round Playoff Predictions

In the first round I went 5 for 8, including guessing 3 series exactly. I was correct in guessing Pens in 6, Hawks in 6 and although it got cut off, Wings in 7. Now for the Conference Semi Finals.

4) Pittsburgh vs 8) Montreal

How the Habs were able to beat the Caps is still a mystery. Washington just didn't look like the same team after game 5. The Canadiens should be able to ride that emotion and their confidence in themselves. It may even lead them to an upset in game 1. The Pens are experienced enough that they should be able to withstand the Habs and eventually destroy their will to compete.
PICK: Pittsburgh in 6

6) Boston vs 7) Philadelphia

A rematch of the Winter Classic. I think both teams should wear their New Year's Day jerseys for games in Boston. Unfortunately, you have to declare which two sets of jerseys your team will wear before the playoffs begin. If the Classic showed us anything, it was that these two teams are quite even. That could lead to a few OT games. The Flyers look to be built for the playoffs while the Bruins look to be playing nearly perfect defensive hockey. I expect this series to go the distance which will tire out whoever wins for the conference final. The team that wins this series will have used too much energy to advance to the Cup Finals.
PICK: Philadelphia in 7

1) San Jose vs 5) Detroit

Last round I said that the Sharks are perennial chokers. This is the round that they will prove it. Back in 2007 they met up with the Wings in the 2nd round. Many thought it would be a close 7 game series, but Detroit handled them easily in 6 games after losing game 1. Again, in 2008 the Sharks made the 2nd round and were ousted easily by the Dallas Stars in 6 games. This series will not go that long. Detroit is proving that their place in the standings was only a reflection of their injury situation. Now they are poised to possibly go on another Cup run.
PICK: Detroit in 5

2) Chicago vs 3) Vancouver

A rematch of last year's 2nd round match. I have the same uncertain feeling heading into this year's series as I did last year. I believe that the series will be tied 2-2 going into the fifth game. Whoever wins that game will carry over that momentum and win the series in six. The issue is that both teams are so even that it's hard to pick one of them. Chicago still has goaltending questions and the Canucks have questions about their defense.
PICK: Chicago in 6

April 26, 2010

Original 6 Concepts

The playoffs are taking away time that I usually contribute to creating jersey concepts. Yet, I have managed to put together four concepts that I really like. I will post them in order, from least to most, favourite.

Toronto Maple Leafs
This one is based on their 1930's era jerseys. I really like this logo and would love to see it on some form of Leafs merchandise at some point. With rumours of a new Maple Leafs 3rd jersey in two seasons, it makes me wish that they could use this logo. But there are 3 other great logos that they could use also.

Boston Bruins
This one is based off of their Winter Classic sweater. Replaced the brown with their traditional black. I know it takes away from the awesomeness of the new year's day jersey, but it still looks pretty cool.

Chicago Blackhawks
This is just a black version of their current red sweaters. Before you think that they already did that, their previous black jersey was modeled after their white jersey. Yes the stripe pattern on the red sweaters and white sweaters is slightly different.

Montreal Canadiens
Habs suck! It must be said, but I like this as a possible 3rd jersey. It is based from two eras, mid 30's and the 1950's. The logo on the left arm is from the 1930's and the number font is based from the glory days of the 50's. The white collar is also from the 1950's

April 20, 2010

Leaf Jersey For Next Season?

By all accounts, Dion Phaneuf will be the new captain of the Maple Leafs when the 2010-11 season begins. Also, when the season begins the Leafs will have returned the stripes to the bottom of their jerseys. So come next season will a Dion Phaneuf photo look like this?
I took some liberties with the shoulder patch. After all no one knows yet what it will be. I put the old leaf from the 90's on there, that's my personal choice.

April 19, 2010

Sabres 2010-11 Jersey Set - concept

Hey, I know I've posted this Sabres concept before but I found the template used at
Looks pretty good. This template isn't as easy to do as the one I usually use, but if I find a opportunity to use it I will.

Also, as I write this the Canadiens are losing 4-0 in the 2nd period of Game 3 in their 1st round series against the Caps. Stupid Habs fans! You get so worked up for a series that you really have no business being in. Everytime the Canadiens make the playoffs, Habs fans think that they are Stanley Cup favourites just because they're the Habs.

April 18, 2010

Vancouver Canucks - Evolution of Road Uni

According to Icethetics Jersey Watch 2010, Vancouver may wear a special jersey for their 40th anniversary. I went ahead and did a concept based on what the common belief across the internet is.
This is also based on the alternate jersey the Canucks wore during the 2003-04 season. You'll notice that it is the old CCM cut jersey as the Calgary Flames did for their 30th anniversary vintage jersey.

Also, many people believe that this jersey would then become the new road jersey for the 2011-12 season. The current 3rd jersey would then become the new home sweater.
The new jersey would be in the RBK cut such as the Flames will do for the 2010-11 season with their new 3rd jersey.

April 15, 2010

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions 1st Round

I know I'm a day late and four games have been played already, but I'm haven't changed any of my picks in the last two days. These are the same picks I put into my hockey pool and the Stanley Cup Playoffs Challenge on

1) Washington vs 8) Montreal

Montreal can't match up offensively with the Caps. I give them no chance there. On the blueline, everyone says the Caps aren't deep, but you can't finish first in the league without some defence. In goal is the only place the Habs may have an advantage. However, Theodore was playing well for Washington down the stretch.
PICK: Washington in 4

2) New Jersey vs 7) Philadelphia

New Jersey has Brodeur who has had 2 bad playoffs in a row. I think he wants to prove something this year. Philly has a team built for the playoffs, but their goaltending is questionable. Usually in a long series it comes down to goaltending.
PICK: New Jersey in 7

3) Buffalo vs 6) Boston

Boston had trouble scoring goals this year and Ryan Miller did a good job not allowing goals this year. That's not good news for Boston. Boston is well coached and plays great defensively. Tukka Rask will have to outplay Ryan Miller every game for the Bruins to advance. The Sabres just have too much offense for the B's to contain.
PICK: Buffalo in 6

4) Pittsburgh vs 5) Otatwa

As a Leafs fan, I can not endorse or promote any type of success for the Ottawa Senators. I was hoping for a sweep with each game being 9-0. The Sens ruined that dream in game 1. Seriously, I think the very talented and experienced Pens offense will out-duel the inexperienced goaltending of the Ottawa Senators in the long run.
PICK: Pittsburgh in 6

1)San Jose vs 8)Colorado

The Sharks choke in the playoffs like the Sens in a series against the Leafs! Of course I thought, "this time the Sharks got it" No, not true as shown to us by the Avalanche in game 1. The Avalanche are out matched everywhere here, but it's San Jose so anything can happen.
PICK: San Jose in 5

2)Chicago vs 7)Nashville

Nashville just happened to fall into the 7th seed. Seeds 4-7 might as well be looked at on the same level. Chicago is very good and with last year's losing experience they seem ready to win. Nashville has never won a road playoff game in their history. I don't see that changing.
PICK: Chicago in 6

3)Vancouver vs 6)Los Angeles

This is going to be the best series in the first round. Vancouver's defence is lacking because of injuries. Los Angeles' defence is excellent and healthy. Vancouver had the highest scoring player in the league this year. Los Angeles is a step behind the Canucks forwards, but that may be offset by Vancouver's lacking defence. In goal, Quick was faltering down the stretch as was Luongo. This will go the distance.
PICK: Vancouver in 7

4)Phoenix vs 5)Detroit

After the Olympic break Detroit has been one of the best teams in the league. Phoenix is the most surprising team in the league. Detroit is going in with a rookie goalie, Phoenix is going in with quite a few playoff rookies. Game 1 proved that the Coyotes can play with and beat a talented and experienced

April 13, 2010

Candyland Championship

I actually have nothing to post today. Thankfully I was saved as Glen sent in this minor league concept.

It's a charity game between the Hershey Bears and the Syracuse Crunch. Each team wearing a jersey based on the candy bar of the same name.
Hey, it's the AHL, it could happen. We've seen odder things from some AHL teams.

April 10, 2010

2011 All Star Game Carolina

It was announced this past week that Carolina will host the 2011 NHL All Star Game. With that in mind I set out to create a logo concept and jerseys.

First, my 2011 NHL All Star Game logo concept.

Next, the jerseys.
The jerseys aren't much. I'm not very good at the unorthodox jerseys that usually accompany the game. Figured it would be cool though if the players team logo was the shoulder patch. That way they really are at the game representing their team.

April 8, 2010

Some Jersey Concepts

I got a few NHL jersey concepts tonight.

From reading Icethetics description of Buffalo's new 3rd jersey, I came up with what I understood the jersey will look like.

Brad sent in the Los Angeles Kings concept.
He has simplified the piping and the arm stripes. Not sure how I feel about the silver being absent.

Staying on the west coast, I came up with this Ducks jersey.
They will have an alternate sweater next season, but I doubt it will look anything like this.

April 6, 2010

Colorado Rockies

Getting back to the DHL here. I return with the Colorado Rockies who have been purchased by the same owners as the baseball team of the same name. In an effort to cross brand, the hockey club has been given the purple and black colours of the baseball team.
Again, a 3rd jersey may come later. I've added the yellow from the Colorado state flag. Also, I left the logo alone (also from the state flag). The yellow slightly differentiates between the baseball team and the hockey team. Much in the same way the the LA Kings use gold in the Manchester Monarchs' jerseys.

April 5, 2010

Edmonton Oilers Themed

For the first time in a while I have a theme to a post. Also, for the first time in a while I don't have DHL concepts to post. I have Edmonton Oilers concepts.

I've done this Oilers concept before, but this one is the cleanest so far. Can't wait for the day this makes it back into Edmonton's jersey rotation.

Glen, a frequent contributor, sent in these Oilers concepts.
Glen has altered their 25th anniversary logo and placed in on the great former 3rd jerseys (and he created a stellar white version also)

I went a little off the norm with this concept, as I took the Oilers wordmark from the logo and placed it on a possible third jersey.