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Hartford Whalers (DHL)

When a jersey such as the Whalers' jerseys of the 80's are so good there's really no need to make drastic changes. I kept the tail stripes the same and transferred that design to the sleeves. I changed the font and made the numbers blue. Also, the whale tail in the logo is now blue. Last, I had to include Pucky the Whale as a shoulder patch and on the helmet.
I'm not entirely happy with the alternate jersey here. Anyone else have any ideas?
Hartford Whalers (DHL) Reviewed by Ryan on March 19, 2010 Rating: 5


Glen said...

I was personally hoping for the navy 90's Whalers jerseys. I guees this is okay, though.

Ryan said...

Vintage jerseys will come eventually. I'm just trying to do different stuff right now.

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