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I was playing around tonight with some free clipart and I was trying to come up with some DHL logo concepts. Now remember, I am not an artist. I merely put these together in layers using Paint.Net but I still would like some feedback. Yes I know they suck but lets move on and try to improve one of them.
Logo 1
Logo 2
Logo 3

There ya have it. C&C welcome.
DHL Logo Reviewed by Ryan on March 04, 2010 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

u gotta go with #3!

Michael The said...

2 is pretty awesome... a little cartoony, but for some reason, it just clicks with me XD

Anonymous said...

#3. Hands down. Dynamic. Give it more retro feel. 'blowing hair'

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a "tombstone logo".
(these teams are dead, right?)
Only makes sense.


Ryan said...

I don't draw, so if anyone wants to take #3 (or any of the logos) and make them retro that would be cool.

jared lammi said...

#1 and 3 have the font from the SEGA logo.

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