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Devils St. Patty's Day Throwbacks

A few weeks back I posted something here that showed the Devils throwbacks when they arrived at retailers. Other sites and articles saw these replicas and stated that these were going to be the jerseys worn. Thus, everyone assumed and was happy about the old CCM cut. If you read my write-up you will find out that I was correct in saying that those were just for merchandise. These are the ones the players will wear.

This is one of the reasons I wouldn't buy one of these replicas (unless you want it as just that). They don't look like what the players will wear. I know I'm being picky, but I'm a snob when it comes to my jerseys. Make them real or forget about it.

Notice on the replica above, that it is the old CCM cut. There is no Reebok logo on the shoulders. Also, the collar does not have the NHL logo v-neck insert. I knew Reebok and the NHL wouldn't allow their logos not to appear on the jerseys.
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