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March 31, 2010

Winter Classic Logo concept

I came up with a concept (not a great one) for what I thought was a rumoured game in Washington. I've read a couple of things lately that would point to Pittsburgh as the host of the New Year's Day classic.

Either way I'm still going to post my Washington Winter Classic concept.

March 25, 2010

Quebec Nordiques

This is one of my favourite jerseys so far. It incorporates the style from some teams recent Olympic jerseys yet still feels like it could be a Nordiques sweater.
I have plans to make a 3rd featuring the fleur-de-lis in the main crest. I was thinking a red jersey, but that blue looks so good. It might as well be called Nordiques blue.

March 22, 2010

Vancouver Millionaires

Back from another weekend and back with another DHL concept.

This time, the Vancouver Millionaires. The Millionaires are going with a very classic uniform.
There are no names on the backs of the jerseys. No logo appears on the pants. The jerseys very much have the feeling of a junior team from the 40's or 50's. I will create an alternate, I am just trying to execute my idea properly. Of course, if anyone has any ideas feel free to email to me and I'll post them.

March 19, 2010

Hartford Whalers (DHL)

When a jersey such as the Whalers' jerseys of the 80's are so good there's really no need to make drastic changes. I kept the tail stripes the same and transferred that design to the sleeves. I changed the font and made the numbers blue. Also, the whale tail in the logo is now blue. Last, I had to include Pucky the Whale as a shoulder patch and on the helmet.
I'm not entirely happy with the alternate jersey here. Anyone else have any ideas?

March 16, 2010

Devils St. Patty's Day Throwbacks

A few weeks back I posted something here that showed the Devils throwbacks when they arrived at retailers. Other sites and articles saw these replicas and stated that these were going to be the jerseys worn. Thus, everyone assumed and was happy about the old CCM cut. If you read my write-up you will find out that I was correct in saying that those were just for merchandise. These are the ones the players will wear.

This is one of the reasons I wouldn't buy one of these replicas (unless you want it as just that). They don't look like what the players will wear. I know I'm being picky, but I'm a snob when it comes to my jerseys. Make them real or forget about it.

Notice on the replica above, that it is the old CCM cut. There is no Reebok logo on the shoulders. Also, the collar does not have the NHL logo v-neck insert. I knew Reebok and the NHL wouldn't allow their logos not to appear on the jerseys.

March 15, 2010

Ottawa Senators

Next in the DHL series are the old Ottawa Senators. I wanted to keep the stripes, but not the old thick stripes. They are also using the old CCM style cut jersey except on the alternate. Each jersey however, does feature the v-neck cut insert. The alternate is based on the 2002 Canada jersey, seeing as Ottawa is Canada's capital.


March 10, 2010

Toronto St. Pats

Next concept for the DHL project are the Toronto St. Pats.


The St. Pats will be one of the only teams to not wear a white helmet on the road. I chose that after looking at the jerseys and thinking that there was not enough green. The pants feature double white striped down the side. A four leaf clover has been added as a shoulder patch and a T was placed in the middle for the 3rd jersey logo.

March 9, 2010

DHl Division Re-alignment

After actually looking at a map I realized some of the divisions of the DHL could be better aligned.

Here are the old divisions.

And here are the new divisions.

Not that any of this matters because this is a fictional hockey league. I just don't need to make myself look any dumber.

March 8, 2010

As Requested

I noticed in the comments that a full body model for the St Louis Eagles was requested. Well, here's my best effort.

Oakland, Claifornia Golden Seals

And now for the DHL team that couldn't decide on a complete name... the Oakland, California Golden Seals.

I wanted to stay away from their original yellow and green colours as they are too close to the North Stars' colours. So I went with the colours they used during their latter years. There are still some slight modifications. I used two colours from current California NHL teams. We have San Jose teal and Anaheim gold.


Also, Glen sent in a DHL logo, except his DHL stands for the "Dead Hockey League" and obviously this followed;

March 4, 2010

DHL Logo

I was playing around tonight with some free clipart and I was trying to come up with some DHL logo concepts. Now remember, I am not an artist. I merely put these together in layers using Paint.Net but I still would like some feedback. Yes I know they suck but lets move on and try to improve one of them.
Logo 1
Logo 2
Logo 3

There ya have it. C&C welcome.

March 3, 2010

St. Louis Eagles

Next concept for the DHL is the St. Louis Eagles. While enjoying only one season in the NHL, may they enjoy many seasons playing at IceZONE, practice facility of the Blues. That is, only when the Blues aren't practicing.

Anyways, here's the home jersey.
And here is the road white.
I thought I was pretty smart adding blue to the logo, then I went to and found that I was 76 years too late. They already beat me to it.

I want to create a blue alternate, but that will come later.

Also, I created my first full bodied template (albeit crappy) for my Kansas City Scouts 3rd jersey.

March 1, 2010

Minnesota North Stars of the DHL

Sorry about the long time in between posts, but I am back and with another DHL concept.

Tonight we have the Minnesota North Stars.
The road whites...
I will have an alternate soon. I had to stay true to the green of the 70's North Stars. I tried really hard to keep 80's black out of it.

These jerseys will look great as they play in front of shoppers, for free, at the Mall of America...haha!

I'm trying to work on a logo for the DHL right now. Hopefully, I can get that posted sometime this week. Don't forget, if you want to submit some DHL (or any concepts) email them to: