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Put together some concepts tonight, despite feeling under the weather.

Starting with the Dallas Stars.
I've always wanted a jersey to move the armbands up to the triceps where the numbers are located. It doesn't show well on this concept, but believe me it looks great in my head.
Second on the list, are the New Jersey Devils. I tried to go a different route with a black jersey, but I kept finding my way back to shoulder yolkes and armbands.Last, I've always wanted an orange concept to work for the Islanders. I wasn't as mortified as everyone else was to their 2002 offering. Here is another shot by me to create a good orange Islanders concept.
If anyone actually reads this blog, feel free to criticize and comment in the comments section. Just click on "LEAVE A COMMENT" just below this text. But most Blogspot users knew that already.
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1 comment:

Michael The said...

Don't worry... people read this blog :)

I actually like these concepts. I feel that I've seen the Dallas one a lot in other places before, tho...

My favorite is NJ, I've always wanted to see them in black, and this concept would be perfect. The only flaw is that Kovalchuk's name is missing!!!

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