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Islanders and the Southern Coasts

I got some good concepts emailed to me in these past few days. Keep them coming.

One of which was sent by Glen. He's re-coloured the old Islanders' shoulder patch from their Captain Highliner jersey and placed it on their navy jersey from the late 90's.

Staying on the island, Brian sent in this concept using the wordmark from the Islanders alternate helmets.For the most part, I don't like wordmarks as logos (except Minnesota), but I think this could work really well as an alternate for next year when the use their retros full-time.

Next, I did up a new blue concept for the Lightning.I used their pre-Edge sleeves as inspiration for these sleeves and put the black along the sides in the Edge style.

Lastly, we all know (except for the Ducks) that the Ducks need to be green. Here's a take on their current jersey.
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Michael The said...

Ahhh.... I love southern market concepts!!

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