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January 5, 2010

Winter Classic Idea

Rumours as far as next year's Winter Classic are suggesting that we may possibly get two outdoor games. The second being held in Calgary. Thusly, I came up with a concept for the game.

First up, the event needs a logo.

Next, we have the hometown Calgary Flames and their retro jersey.

Their opponents, the Vancouver Canucks.

Last, a venue must be chosen and it seems the only option is McMahon stadium.

And the ice must be painted.

That is all, I have nothing more.

1 comment:

Joshua Schroeder said...

A minor quibble on the ice. The media booth at McMahon Stadium is on the west side of the stadium, so conventionally, the logos on the ice would be oriented to appear right side up to that side of the stadium.

The logo looks good, and I'd love to see the Flames and Canucks wearing those uniforms. When can I buy my ticket? :-)