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Phoenix Coyotes concept

I was playing around with some Phoenix Coyotes concepts and I came up with this piece of crap.I was trying to work with their Winnipeg past. Obviously, that didn't work. This looks like a house league jersey. I scraped that idea and tried again.

I decided I'd keep with their current colour scheme and re-work the striped and piping. I came up with this Coyotes concept.After making that jersey I needed to make a road white.The most noticeable piece is the name bar. In my opinion, that should just be a characteristic of the Flyers' home jersey. It just seemed to fit with this sweater though. If this sweater were ever to be made, I would say leave the name bar off.

The next logical step is a third.I tried to go a little more classic here. The shoulder patch (a re-work of their current shoulder patch) moves to the front of the jersey.

Now I will eat dinner.
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