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Leafs 2010/11 Jerseys, Blue Jackets and Team USA

According to Howard Berger's HockeyBuzz blog, the Maple Leafs will be returning to their pre-Edge jerseys next season. As he writes,

"...horizontal striping near the bottom of the jersey was eliminated for the first time, as was the “TML” shoulder patch that adorned the uniform since 2000. A league merchandizing source has told me that both will be returned to the Leafs’ jersey for 2010-11..."

Howard, in my opinion, likes to stir the pot a lot. On the other hand, he was fairly accurate when reporting on the 07/08 alternate jerseys before they were released. With that in mind, lets take a look at what the altered jerseys might look like...
I hope they stick with the current white outlines on the home jersey and the blue outlines on the roads as opposed to the silver they had pre-Edge era.

On to concepts, I put red under-arms and sleeves on the Blue Jackets jersey and came up with this concept.

Here are a couple Team USA concepts.

And that's how the cookie cumbles.
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