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Kings, Wings and Caps

Some concept jerseys in these wee hours of the morning.

It's late so forgive me if these suck. I'll check on them when I wake up.

I'm starting tonight with a Detroit Red Wings concept. Obviously it's based on the '09 Winter Classic jersey. I used the "D" logo for the shoulder patch and the main crest is the current logo with the colours reversed. That logo was used mid 70's to mid 80's.

Next up is a retro jersey Edge-ified. Enter the Washington Capitals of the 1980's. The crest and numbering are updated in this Capitals concept.

Now we get a little weird. We have a LA Kings concept which features the Dodgers script as the main crest. The shoulder patch from the home and away jerseys acts as a chest patch on this jersey. Much in the same way you'd find a soccer jersey designed.

I'm going to sleep now.
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