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I Found The Template Everyone Else Uses

I was searching around the forums at sportslogos.net, and I came across the template that almost everyone making jersey concepts uses. I personally find my template easier to use, but I still played around with it and came up with some of the following jersey concepts.

We start with Philadelphia, and based on their home and Winter Classic designs, I came up with this black Flyers concept.

Dallas' black jersey is one of the more boring jerseys in the league. (Being Dallas is a football city, I can understand why some would like their jerseys) However I have taken the liberty of welding their road whites with their black homes and thusly, a Dallas Stars concept.

The New York Rangers are still trying to find a home for their Lady Liberty logo. So here it is on a similar looking jersey as last time just with a RBK Edge template.

Finally, the Thrashers motocross jerseys got all mixed up in the wash for this concept. The navy came out maroon and the maroon turned navy. Oddly, the numbers are fine.

Now, back to my template.
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