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December 29, 2009

Team Canada Prediction

Team Canada is set to announce their Olympic roster tomorrow at noon. It can be watched on Rogers Sportsnet or at

Here is my prediction for what the team will look like...

* = previous Olympic experience

Goaltenders (oddly, the easiest position to pick)
M. Brodeur*
R. Luongo*
M. Fleury

R. Blake*
D. Boyle* as a reserve
C. Pronger*
J. Bouwmeester* as a reserve
S. Niedermayer*
R. Regehr*
D. Keith
S. Weber


S. Crosby
R. Getzlaf
J. Iginla*
R. Nash*
J. Thornton*
D. Heatley*
M. St Louis*
S. Doan*
B. Richards*
C. Perry
M. Richards
J. Toews

December 28, 2009

Kings, Wings and Caps

Some concept jerseys in these wee hours of the morning.

It's late so forgive me if these suck. I'll check on them when I wake up.

I'm starting tonight with a Detroit Red Wings concept. Obviously it's based on the '09 Winter Classic jersey. I used the "D" logo for the shoulder patch and the main crest is the current logo with the colours reversed. That logo was used mid 70's to mid 80's.

Next up is a retro jersey Edge-ified. Enter the Washington Capitals of the 1980's. The crest and numbering are updated in this Capitals concept.

Now we get a little weird. We have a LA Kings concept which features the Dodgers script as the main crest. The shoulder patch from the home and away jerseys acts as a chest patch on this jersey. Much in the same way you'd find a soccer jersey designed.

I'm going to sleep now.

December 23, 2009

Penguins New 3rd Prediction

This is the first of what will be many predictions on the new Penguins third jersey for next season. If you didn't know that they are getting rid of the current alternates, go check out Icethetics.

I'll start with the current Penguins jersey...

Which is a RBK Edge version of their 2000-01 alternate jersey (which became their regulars in 2002)...

Now lets take a look at a similar jersey. The 1974-75 road jersey...

I RBK Edge'd that jersey and thusly my new Penguins alternate prediction...

Of course there is no basis for this prediction other than this is the other blue Pens jersey that I like.

Thanks to for the jersey images.

December 20, 2009

Concepts and Leafs Warmup

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs wore their 1967 jerseys for warmup in honour of 1960's night at the Air Canada Centre.

Man, those jerseys do look good. In fact, I own one myself. I really wish those were an alternate. Nothing wrong with the current alternates, just maybe the Leafs could have two alternates like the late 90's Ducks.

The first concept is a what if? What if the Atlanta Thrashers stuck with their original dark jersey through the RBK Edge redesign. Might it look like this?

Judging by comments across the internet on certain sites, many people want to see the Penguins in a yellow jersey. Here's a yellow Penguins concept just for them.

Sticking with the yellow jersey theme, here's a St. Louis Blues concept.

We now end where we started. With Toronto. Here's a RBK Edge-ified Toronto St. Pats concept.

December 19, 2009

Bruins and Legends break in ice at Fenway

When a new ice surface goes in it needs a heavy skate on it to "break it in". I don't exactly know what this does, but it helps.

Thus, on Friday some (one) current and former Boston Bruins put on the Winter Classic jersey and took to the Fenway ice.

Judging by photo evidence the only actual current Bruin skating was Milan Lucic.

I was curious as to how the yellow would look on the ice, but judging by these pictures it seems not to be an issue. Also, the jersey makers do test to make sure they look good. Now the only question is how will they look outside against the Flyers' whites?

December 17, 2009

East to West Concepts

We start tonight in the Southeast Division and we'll finish all the way across the continent in the Northwest.

Beginning with this Tampa Bay Lightning concept.

It's the Flyers retro template with the shoulder patch as the main crest. I think Tampa could use a new logo. One that doesn't feature the words "Tampa Bay Lightning" or the state of Florida. I would draw one up, but I am no artist. If anyone has any Lightning concept logos, send them in to and I'll post them.

Next is divisional rivals(?) the Carolina Hurricanes.

This concept is obviously just a red version of their current black alternate sweater.

And after at least a 4 hour plane ride, we end up in British Columbia and see this green Vancouver Canucks concept.

I'm really starting to warm to the Johnny Canuck logos and wish they'd become more prominent on the jerseys or merchandise.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

December 14, 2009

Leafs 2010/11 Jerseys, Blue Jackets and Team USA

According to Howard Berger's HockeyBuzz blog, the Maple Leafs will be returning to their pre-Edge jerseys next season. As he writes,

"...horizontal striping near the bottom of the jersey was eliminated for the first time, as was the “TML” shoulder patch that adorned the uniform since 2000. A league merchandizing source has told me that both will be returned to the Leafs’ jersey for 2010-11..."

Howard, in my opinion, likes to stir the pot a lot. On the other hand, he was fairly accurate when reporting on the 07/08 alternate jerseys before they were released. With that in mind, lets take a look at what the altered jerseys might look like...
I hope they stick with the current white outlines on the home jersey and the blue outlines on the roads as opposed to the silver they had pre-Edge era.

On to concepts, I put red under-arms and sleeves on the Blue Jackets jersey and came up with this concept.

Here are a couple Team USA concepts.

And that's how the cookie cumbles.

December 11, 2009

I Found The Template Everyone Else Uses

I was searching around the forums at, and I came across the template that almost everyone making jersey concepts uses. I personally find my template easier to use, but I still played around with it and came up with some of the following jersey concepts.

We start with Philadelphia, and based on their home and Winter Classic designs, I came up with this black Flyers concept.

Dallas' black jersey is one of the more boring jerseys in the league. (Being Dallas is a football city, I can understand why some would like their jerseys) However I have taken the liberty of welding their road whites with their black homes and thusly, a Dallas Stars concept.

The New York Rangers are still trying to find a home for their Lady Liberty logo. So here it is on a similar looking jersey as last time just with a RBK Edge template.

Finally, the Thrashers motocross jerseys got all mixed up in the wash for this concept. The navy came out maroon and the maroon turned navy. Oddly, the numbers are fine.

Now, back to my template.

December 5, 2009

Boston, Pittsburgh, and California

We'll start today out on the west coast with a purple Los Angeles Kings concept.

Forty minutes down the road we find this Anaheim Ducks concept.

Flying on over to the east coast, January 1st and the NHL Winter Classic. After the game, the Bruins decide to go with those jerseys full time. a new road jersey is created, thus they try this Bruins concept.

I like Pittsburgh's jerseys, but it's time to do away with these dumb Reebok templates (I'll possibly post on this topic later). So I've created a Pittsburgh Penguins concept of a compete jersey set.

Winter Classic Commercial

The new Winter Classic commercial debuted this weekend on I really like it, and the pictures of the players wearing the jerseys made me even more excited to see them on the ice.

One point of interest is the letters on the Bruins' jerseys. I was expecting a white outline, but we'll see if this way is better on January 1st.

December 2, 2009

Blackhawks Wear 3rds, Leafs Jersey Set Concept

Last night the Blackhawks wore their "new" 3rd jerseys. They defeated the Blue Jackets 4-3 in a shootout. These jerseys look a little better than the Winter Classic jersey from last season. The differences are the new shoulder patch and the neck laces are wheat instead of black.

I came up with some slight modifications to the Leafs' jerseys. I also gave them two new 3rd jerseys. I put the two lines back on the bottom of the jersey. The shoulder patch is the patch they wore during the mid 90's.

That was all...I'm sorry.