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Stars, Thrashers and Panthers Concepts

Just an added note on my previous post. I am well aware that Montreal, Calgary, Boston and Philadelphia will all sport a different alternate jersey this season, but those are all throwbacks. It wouldn't be fair to the young RBK Edge jerseys. If those throwbacks were on, they'd all be at the top of the list. Boston's Winter Classic would be #1.

Starting with the concepts.

If the Panthers' new 3rd really takes off, we might see a road white added to the mix.

I think Dallas needs more green on their jerseys. So here's a Dallas Stars 3rd jersey concept.

Atlanta's current jerseys are okay. They are modern, such as the Thrashers are a modern team. So, I can accept them. Here's a more classic looking Atlanta Thrashers concept.

Back to the drawing board.
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oldschool65 said...

The Panthers sweater looks like a White version of Pittsburgh's Winter Classic/Third. Although I like the look it would never get off the ground because of the Pens people getting their shorts in a knot.

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