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Panthers Release 3rd Jersey, 2009-10 3rd Uni Rankings

Last night the Florida Panthers debuted their new third sweaters during a 3-2 loss to the Penguins. They also have new pant shells and socks to match.

A new crest and shoulder logo are featured on the jersey.

Again, we see laces on a jersey. I think laces are great on some jerseys, but we are starting to get into a phase where everyone is putting laces on their jerseys. Last year, 7 of the 18 third jerseys released had laces on them. This season, 4 of 4 new jerseys had laces.

Another trend is the circle logo. I'm talking about the logo in the middle of a circle which contains the team name. It was cool when Minnesota did it because it was a neat homage to the throwback thing. Chicago was the first to do it back in 1926. Now we have everyone doing it. (St. Louis, Nashville, Phoenix, Florida) Pittsburgh and Chicago third jerseys don't count as those are throwback jerseys. As of right now, I am deeming it a copycat trend. If another new jersey, after Florida, comes out with a circle logo, it is UNACCEPTABLE.

Out of the four new alternates this year, my least favourite is Nashville's. The striping and colours are too close to the Leafs and the checkerboard pattern seems useless.

Number three is Colorado's new jersey. When I saw the concept on the internet, I thought it was going to look pretty goofy. When I saw it on the ice with the black pants, helmets and gloves it looked pretty cool. If only they would officially acknowledge that the blue is a nod to their former selves, the Nordiques.

My second fav is the above mentioned Panthers' sweater. I like the mix of navy and steel blue. The new Panther head is very angry and cool. I'm not a big fan of the FLA shoulder patch and the circle logo will pass, but NO MORE from this point on.

That leaves Minnesota as my favourite third jersey released for the 09-10 season. I love the forest green with the vintage wheat colour scheme. A lot of people don't like wordmarks on jerseys, but I don't mind this one. They've added the north stars to the M and crossing the T and that makes it into a logo.

That was a long post, go give your eyes a rest.
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Anonymous said...

i dont like he panthers 3rd jersey that much

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