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November 22, 2009

Oilers, Nashville, Penguins and more.

Back on Blogger. The images come up in a Google search when I use Blogger to post.

Enough with that, move on to the concepts!
First, seeing as the Oilers are using the blue and orange jerseys as their home jerseys how long is it before we see this concept on the road?

I know Boston already revealed their Winter Classic jersey, but before they did here was my Bruins Winter Classic concept.

Rumours of a Blue Jackets third jersey to be debuted next season, how about this red concept?

Nashville has to have some of the worst jerseys in the league, so I came up with a whole new concept for the Predators.

New Jersey will wear these throwbacks on St. Patrick's Day this season.

Finally a little weird, but how about seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins in gold?

That's that.


Brad said...

Man! All of these posts for so long and no comments must have been quite frustrating! I just found your old blog. Gonna check that out now! Your dedication is admired. Truly you have worked very hard at making this work and deserve all the congrats you receive. Keep it up!!

Ryan said...

Wow, and I can't believe that you found the first post! Thanks for the kind words though. I've always just done this for fun, the visitors are an extreme bonus.

DBro Alexander said...

Happy Birthday HJC! Only 17 more years til we can take the site to a bar in the states....

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Happy Birthday HJC (and Las Vegas...)