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September 19, 2017

Tuesday: Bossman Reviews

Hey everyone. It's your friendly blog admin Ryan here to write today's post!

We are entering the final stretch in the Arena Logo Competition. We could really use some entries on this one, so I encourage you guys to give it a shot. Literally the WORST thing that could happen is that you lose a just for fun pretend competition on a just for fun blog. And you may actually enjoy logo creation!

COTW voting continues, so place your vote before Friday at noon Eastern!

We've seen the Winter Classic logo, now I would love to see the Stadium Series logo.

COTW vote September 8-14 (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Arena Logo Competition entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

Cincinnati Cyclones (Jets96)
I really like what you have done with the yokes. They're great and should be are big focal point of the jersey. I find that the other striping on the jersey is so large or broad that it starts to distract from the awesome logo and yokes. I understand that you're working within the confines of the Nike template, but I would move that silver line in the yokes closer to the collar to allow for more black. The TV numbers do seem small, yet I am still able to accept that because that's how Nike jerseys look in during IIHF play. I am disappointed to see no branding on the jerseys. Maybe the jerseys are Nike clones, but any jersey used in the ECHL gets an ECHL patch on the rear hem.
RATING: 7.5 / 10

Arizona Coyotes (Alan H.)
Alan has sent in all 31 teams, so look forward to seeing his concepts for a few weeks here on HJC. Alan has been one of the longest tenured contributors on HJC, so I always welcome his concepts. I really like these concepts! I think the white version is the better of the two. The crazy Aztec type pattern fits nicely. I think it should have been placed on a sand base on the home jersey though. I really like how Alan has used the Adidas collars here, he makes it work really well for a relatively young franchise like the Coyotes. The change of font on the back of the jersey is a lateral move and I don't even know if it was really necessary. If we're looking for authenticity the branding on the back should be the full Adidas logo otherwise if this was a design choice that you consciously made then it should be noted on the concepts.
RATING: 8.3 / 10

Buffalo Sabres - Winter Classic (Avi S.)
Three longtime contributors in a row! I picked a great day to sub-in on. I really love this concept and I feel that this is the direction that the Sabres will go for the Winter Classic. This is based on a 1930's Buffalo Bisons jersey and the full buffalo logo that the Sabres have come out with fits this look very nicely. As much as I would love to see the two Sabres logos come back as shoulder patches I don't think both of them is an option. It seems for the past few years that the NHL has decided that placing the event logo on the shoulder of the jerseys is better than the front. The last team to wear the Winter Classic patch on the front of their jersey was the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2011, seven years ago.
RATING: 8.8 / 10

Indy Fuel (Jets96)
Here we go with another ECHL concept in Jets' series. All of the branding remarks that I made about the previous concept still apply for this concept. I want to like this concept because Jets seems like a good guy and I don't want to put down his work. However this is what we are all here for, to take criticism and get better. I find this concept very plain. Placing the secondary logo on the arm is neat, but it's not enough excitement. I also don't understand why you have used two shades of black on this concept Jets. The pants, gloves, and secondary logos use the black with a RGB value of 0-0-0. However the jersey stripes and the primary logo use the black with a RGB value close to 30-30-30. There are no glaring errors on this concept but it's boring.
RATING: 5.9 / 10

Boston Bruins (Alan H.)
I again like what Alan has done here with the Adidas collars. I didn't think they could ever look good but Alan has given me a small glimmer of hope. I also like what Alan has done with the cuffs on these Bruins concepts. It seems like a small callback to the yellow jersey of the 50's. The arm and hem stripes seem too broad to match the finer collar and cuffs. It seems like two different jerseys trying to be mashed together. I mentioned on Alan's previous concept about the Adidas logo and the same applies here.
RATING: 7.4 / 10

Philadelphia Blazers (John E.)
This is my favourite concept of the day! Initially I like it because it's something different and creative. Those are the types of concepts I'm personally digging right now. Even though these aren't logos created by John he uses them in a way that fits this team and this look and they appear to be meant for this concept. The Blazers written down the pants fits the style that the WHA embraced. They always tried to do whatever they could to be different from the NHL without changing the game. The curved stripes and the italicized numbers give this concept some movement and some life, likes flames dancing in a fire.
RATING: 9.2 / 10
COTW nomination from me!!!

That's it for today. Keep your eyes posted on the blog this week. We will be looking for a new writer soon.

In summary John's Blazers concept was the best today. Jets' Indy concept was not the best today. Now in the comments section you guys can tell me that I am wrong, but make sure to say why I am wrong. You guys also have the chance to react to the ratings that don't mean anything and are simply a reflection of how that particular day's writer feels about a concept.

September 18, 2017

Monday: No News; Still Got Concepts

Welcome to the Monday post!

We have no news today coming out of the hockey world as of late. So we'll move right into some blog news.

We will be looking for a new writer! Chase has had to leave us due to other personal commitments and lack of time, and I'd first like to thank Chase for his writing tenure with the blog! Stay tuned on the blog to learn the details, when you'll be writing and what do to do apply. Please know that if you are like most of the writers and in University/College and you know your semester is going to be picking up in a month's time, make sure you have the time to put into the blog, so you're not scrambling to write a post around a 20 page paper worth 80% of your mark, while Ryan tries fill in the day.

Of course voting has reset for the week as it does every Friday! We just have the COTW vote this week, concepts are on the slide of the blog above the poll and a better view of the concepts can be found in the COTW section of the blog. Votes are due Friday at Noon EST as always.

Let's check out some of the Arena Logo Competition entries that have come in since last post!

Noah B.

Great stuff, you still have lots of time to get your entries ready, as they are due on Friday at noon EST along with the COTW votes. Remember to read ALL the rules for the competition before entering!

On with today's concepts!


Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Alan H.)

+ Similar striping to what the Sabres had in their classic era, but different enough it's a new look, with a better balance of white on the home jersey 
+ Love the thick collar and triple arm piping 
+ Recoloured modernized logo looks good
+ Good execution

- I've always been confused why the Sabres wore their primary logo on their shoulders, but in the 80s logo design wasn't where it is today. Now the Sabres have enough options for shoulder patches so they don't need to repeat it, but I get if this is a staple of Buffalo design 

Rating: 8.75/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Anthony C.)

+ The amount of white in the striping, particularly on the yoke, makes this concept look more original and vintage than if there were not yoke or if there was a greater increase of yellow like the Classic era Sabres 
+ Yoke striping looks really good, has a sort of military theme to it
+ Script logo with running buffalo looks great
+ Solid execution

- Just looking at the back of the jersey, it's way to close so something the Blues would wear, I would have gone with white numbers OR made the primary logos yellow 
- Shoulder patch is the cream coloured 1970 anniversary logo from the 1st Sabres script alternate, but there's no cream elsewhere on the jersey?
- No helmet numbers or logos! 

Rating: 7/10

Vegas Golden Knights Concept (By: Ryan HJC.)

+ If the Blackhawks aren't going to use the oversized arm stripes from their 2016 SS jerseys, someone should, and I really like the look of this!
+ Despite there being no white outside the numbers and NOB, the colours are really well balanced, good amount of red and gold too, that combination looks really good
+ Some may not like it, but the rounded numbers are really sweet, something that with the switch to Adidas, only Carolina does
+ Great execution

- The only minor flaw I found was the plain gloves. Granted they aren't bad but it'd be nice to see some red and gold on them
- Normally i'd like to see the Knights with lots of steel grey as it is their colour, but everything is so good hear it's hard for me to say it's a flaw

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me!

Vegas Gold Knights Concepts (By: Alan H.)

+ Love the font choice here
+ Striping is something new, and matches really well with the logo
+ Edits to the logo look really good
+ The collar style works for a team like Vegas
+ Solid Execution

- Would like to see some red in the striping or numbers
- Why are the stripes inconsistent on the home and road, look at how the colours are played out. I won't say it's bad but it's a weird choice to make since there's no reason for it o be like that, not would look fine

Rating: 8.5/10

Seth Rollins WWE Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ WWE merchandise is wide spreading and finds its way onto jerseys quite often, and this fits RIGHT IN with what I've seen done for other wrestlers
+ Striping itself is really unique and goes well with Rollin's logo
+ Rest of the jersey is done professionally, like you'd expect Rollins to wear these in ARCTIC BLAST 18, ONLY ON PAYPERVIEW This SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY 

- If this is a WWE concept, why are there NHL logos in the collar insert?
- The thing about the numbers is even on concept form, they look like something that could only be done through screen printing and look kind of cheap and nasty 

Rating: 8/10, and if you don't like it, I've got two words for ya

Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: Stealin' T.)

+ This is an Oilers edge jersey on an Adidas template, which is something that is not currently being done now

- The TV numbers re backwards, they read 79, and the last Oiler to have 79 as their number was not McDavid it was and still is Dillon Simpson, an AHL D-man from Bakersfield
- TV numbers are also way too big, if you want them to be nearly half the size of the numbers on the back, put them on the shoulders 
- I could be wrong, but the curve on the hem striping isn't centred
- I mean overall, this is an Adidas version of a jersey we've seen every year from Edmonton since 2008 and prior to 1996, it's nothing new, and I think that if the Oilers  had   chosen  blue  we could get the picture

Rating: 4/10

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Alan H.)

+ Home is a definite improvement over what we're getting, and I don't even dislike the new orange EDM jerseys the much
+ Love the thick outlines on the yoke and the WHA style collars 
+ The colour balancing is really off, but the away looks too good and has enough orange I can tolerate it, since Edmonton did actually do this worse, this is an improvement 
+ Solid execution

- Again, I do wish the orange and blue was swapped on the away
- The thicker white outline on the NOB on the orange jersey makes really hard to read

Rating: 9/10


September 17, 2017

Sunday: It's a Long Story

Hi everyone. I'm back. Long story as to why this is late (it includes fighting off a giant gorilla to save a princess) so apologies for it being so late. Since there isn't any news all I have to say is that you need to get your Arena Competition entries in by Friday and vote for the COTW!

COTW Sept 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Arena Logo Comp entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

Alright let's do this

Anthony C- Blainville-Boisbriand Armada
Positives: The dark grey and black half style jersey looks really good. It's great for a team with such a simple look and colors.
Negatives: The black outline on the numbers could be a little thicker.
Overall: 8.75/10 

Anthony C- St. John Sea Dogs 
Positives: The arm striping and black yoke look really good. Also, the arm striping is nice as well.
Negatives: Anthony, I feel like you keep recycling designs on this template and, quite frankly, it's getting old. Sure, some do look good but I can only see something similar to another so many times.
Overall: 8/10

Jets96- Greenville Road Warriors 
Positives: The arm striping looks really good on the nike template. It's much more unique than what you would normally see. Also, it's not too crazy.
Negatives: Besides the fact that you have the horse collar, nothing.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Jets96- Wheeling Nailers 
Positives: The black is already 100 times better than their current. As for your design, I like the different colored hem and the arm striping.
Negatives: The railroad nails on the sleeves don't look the best and you should probably have a white or gold outline around the crest logo for the dark jersey. The roundel blends in.
Overall: 7/10

Lucas D- Los Angeles Kings 
Positives: I like the idea of a no black Kings jersey and you did a pretty good job with this. The striping works well and the different colored ends really pull it together.
Negatives: the only issue I really have with this is that you just have plain purple pants (say that three times fast). Add something to them.
Overall: 8.5/10

Noah B- Chicago Blackhawks 
Positives: Out of the two, I'd say that the white jersey turned out much better than the dark. The green striping with the black as accent works really well with the black pants.
Negatives: The green striping with white accents just doesn't work as well with the black jersey.
Overall: 7.75/10

Stealin T- Pittsburgh & Toronto Identity swap 
Positives: I do appreciate the Leafs jersey, although I'm not sure which Penguins' uniform it's swapping with.
Negatives: Baby Blue and White are a no go without some more navy. Also, the logos look really huge. Finally, the TV numbers are extremely too big.
Overall: 5/10

Alright that's all I got for you guys. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys next week!

September 16, 2017

Saturday: Weekly Rundown (Sept 8-14)

The winner of the COTW - August vote was Jordan R!

Full Results


The winner of the COTW vote for September 1-7 was Anthony C. This was his 4th COTW win of the year!

Full Results


The new COTW nominees for the week of September 8-14 have been posted on the side of the page in the black poll. Stay logged into any Goggle account and you will be able to place your vote up until the deadline of noon Eastern on Friday.


Three big pieces of news this week.

The first being the Maple Leafs showing us that Adidas has done specialty jerseys for this year. We got to see the throwback Toronto Arenas jersey that the Leafs will wear for the very rare mid-week afternoon game against the Hurricanes on December 19.
The question I have to ask is who did it better, Reebok or Adidas? Let us know in the comments down below.

Adidas authentic jerseys are available now exclusively through the NHL and official team stores.
You will have to wait until September 22 to pick them up at all other retailers. If someone out there has one, let us know what it's like in the comments section. Is it Indo-Edge V2?

Finally, NHL 18 had its full release yesterday.
I can't wait to get my hands on this game. I haven't had a NHL game since NHL14! If you have the game we'd love to get a quick review from you. Leave some comments.


The Arena Logo Competition continues this week. Entries are due on Friday by noon Eastern time. Take a crack at this one. I think you'll find it a lot of we could use a few more entries. C'mon, submit something!

COTW Sept 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Arena Logo Comp entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

September 15, 2017

Friday: Fridge Raiders

Hello everyone, welcome back! As T.C. mentioned yesterday I swapped days with him, so now it's my turn to take his spot.

As I'm sure many of you know, NHL 18 officially released today, along with the some of the EA Sponsors being able to play a week or so ago, and the Young Stars preorders coming out on Tuesday. The game contains a circuit mode in NHL Threes where you travel North America, playing teams from the CHL to the NHL as your squad.....the Fridge Raiders.

Screenshot from NHL18
The logo isn't that great from a design standpoint, in fact it's really amateur looking. Though, for something fun like this, and considering that your starter team seems like a "beer league all stars" team in a sense, I think it fits perfectly, and I quite like it in this context. It's silly enough to be awesome.
Overall: 3/10 in a vacuum, 8/10 in context

The jerseys on the other hand...yuck. way too plain, and the color balance makes no sense. They look like practice jerseys, even for a beer league team. Something over-extravagant would have been much better, at least to fit with the logo/beer league theme. I've seen that the Fridge Raiders have unlock-able alternate jerseys, so I'm hoping those look better, cause I'd love to use a Fridge Raiders jersey in game.
Overall: 3/10

I personally wish that you were able to create your own logo and jerseys to use in circuit mode, or have it as an unlockable option (unless it is, and I haven't gotten that far yet), but this is the first year of having Threes/circuit in the game at all, so if this continues into the coming NHL games, it's possible that it will be added. It's not that big of a deal, though, so for the time being I'm just going to enjoy the game.

What do you guys think of the Fridge Raiders fictional identity? Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments!


This upcoming week in voting we'll have our normal COTW vote, along with the continuation of the arena logo competition. We're halfway through, so get those entries in this week!

 COTW vote Sept 8-14 (ends Friday @ noon EST)
Arena Logo Competition (due Sept 22 @ noon EST) 


Anthony C. - Drummondville Voltigeurs
+This fits well with Drummondville's current identity.
+Good color balance.
+I like red as the primary color instead of black. It's a nice splash of color compared to their last alternate.
-Very minor detail, but I think the collar should be black.
Overall: 8/10

Anthony C. - Rimouski Océanic
+I love to see the return of teal. It's a very nice welcome compared to their boring monochromatic blue and gray and white.
+Using this design is a good way to tie in their previous identity (aka their previous use of the Ducks template) without copying it.
+I'm usually not a fan of the socks having the dark color on the bottom, but I think it works here. Provides a nice vertical symmetry to the uniform.
-Again just a small nitpick, but I think the cuff stripes come up just a tad too high, and might look better if they were just straight across instead of coming to the point on the sides.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Jets96 - Alaska Aces
+I love how bright and colorful this set is. The blue and white give it a very "icy" feel.
-It makes me wonder if this identity could have worked without even having black, or at least using it less prominently. That could be very subjective though.
+The simple striping works really well, and the cuff fills below the stripes work perfectly to make sure it isn't too plain.
-I'm not sure why they're curved downwards, though, unless it's the template.
-It's hard to tell without seeing it on a full body setup, but the white's color balance may be off, because the black and blue may compete as the secondary color.
Overall: 8/10

Jets 96 - Gwinnett Gladiators
+God, that color scheme looks gorgeous. And the colors are balanced well, too.
+I don't mind the logo choice here.
-But I wonder what some of their other logos would look like recolored, instead.
-As you know I'm a bit of a stickler for consistency...but...
+I can't tell if I think it works here or not. I will say, it doesn't bug me as much as inconsistency usually does.
-The jersey looks really plain from the back especially. Repeating the chest stripe pattern and put it all the way around the hem may help that. I have a bit of a reservation about this comment, though, cause it may also make the front look too busy.
Overall: 7.5/10

Noah B. - Anaheim Ducks
+While I don't mind Anaheim's current color scheme, especially the orange, seeing a return to these would also be welcome.
-This is subjective, but I've always preferred the eggplant as primary color.
-Less subjective, the eggplant clashes and blends with the jade a bit where you have them touching. If you swapped the silver and white stripes on the home jersey you'd be okay, though the road jersey would take a bit more to make it work.
-I think the color balance would be a little better if you swapped the white and eggplant on the home jersey, too.
+I like the font choice, I think it works well here.
Overall: 7.5/10

Noah B. - Tampa Bay Lightning
+I love the brighter blue and the addition of black.
+I think the bolt pattern really works, especially on the sleeves.
-I'm less sold on it for the hem, but I still think it works fine.
-I would thicken the outer stripe a bit, though.
+I like the logo used. I'm not sure if I would prefer it, but it works.
+I think having the logo black on the road jersey works really well, actually. Keeps there from being too much blue.
Overall: 8/10

Stealin' T. - Dallas Stars
+I mean...I can't say I've seen this idea before...
-I think there's good reason for that, though.
+Keeping the name and numbers in white was a good move for contrast.
-It really doesn't fit the rest of the jersey, though.
-I have no idea what you were trying to accomplish here. It's an idea to start from (a design with two colors that blend like this...not that the lights went out), but this is going to look nothing like a plain black jersey with numbers and a name on it from a distance, and won't work unless something is done to add some contrast somewhere other than the numbers and name.
Overall: 3/10


And that's all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again...sometime...not sure what day yet.

September 14, 2017

Thursday: Guest Spot

Hey y'all it's TC, your normal Friday writer.  BPoe and I are swapping days for a week or two just to see if it works better with his new college schedule, so here I am!

The Devils have unveiled a new logo to commemorate their 35th year in New Jersey, and it's not as terrible as their new uniforms.

The logo uses a silhouette of the state of New Jersey for the base as a way of distinguishing this anniversary from the anniversary of the franchise's actual founding (as the Kansas City Scouts in 1974).  It uses a basic banner image to mark the years, but the real star of this design is the green used on the back of the banner, a nod to the Devils' first colors.  Overall, not a bad logo, and the green really makes it.

In voting, we have the COTW August vote, as well as the COTW Sept 1-7 vote, both of which end tomorrow at noon EST.  Aditionally, we have the Arena Logo Competition going on right now, with entries due September 22.

 COTW vote Sept 1-7 (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 COTW-AUGUST vote (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
Arena Logo Competition (due Sept 22 @ noon EST) 


Now on to today's concepts!

Anthony C.- Cape Breton Screaming Eagles

Our first concept today is Anthony C.'s design for the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles of the QMJHL.  The Eagles' current set is pretty basic, so this is a definite improvement for them.  I like the striping pattern here, and it manages to avoid yellow-on-white syndrome pretty well.  Logo choices are good, and I especially like the elimination of the extra script above the eagle logo.  I also really like the yellow numbers, and the proper league logo patch placement is a nice touch.  I'm not a huge fan of the slash along the rear hem stripe.  I get that it's slash from an eagle's talon, but it's way too modern for such a traditional jersey.  Also not a huge fan of the white collar, I probably would have gone with yellow.  Final verdict: a decent set, but some design choices hold it back.  8/10

Anthony C.- Rouyn-Noranda Huskies

Next up is another QMJHL concept from Anthony C., this one for the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.  Personally, I'm a huge fan of their current jersey set, it's one of the few gradient designs that I've seen that actually looks good.  I like the idea of a red body with black arms, it looks really sharp.  The striping is a little too basic for my liking, but I do like how you adapted it to the hem.  I probably would have used the isolated dog head as the main crest, with this logo as a shoulder patch.  Again, I'm not a huge fan of the white collar on dark jerseys.  Final verdict: not terrible, but a definite downgrade for the Huskies.  7/10

Jets96- Las Vegas Wranglers

Next up is our own Jets96, with a design for the revival of the ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers.  I like the use of dark cuffs on the light jersey, it really helps with the color balance between the two.  I like the shoulder patch and the Vegas star on the cuff, but the cowboy silhouette in the striping just makes it too much.  I'm not a huge fan of the white stripe on the breezers given that it's so minimal in the rest of the set, either make it silver or one big red stripe.  Final verdict: a decent set, but the arms are just way too bust.  7.5/10

Jets96- Reading Royals

Jets follows up with another ECHL concept, this one for the Reading Royals.  I like the contrasting cuffs and hem, it's a good look for the Royals.  Your logo choices are good, and the use of the Kings' old font works well with the Royals identity.  Big fan of the crown logo on the helmets, and I think that a purple bucket could actually work with the dark set.  While I like the yoke striping, I don't like that the nameplate cuts it off on the back.  The striping in general is a little too thin, and causes the grey and white on the dark jersey to blend together too much.  Final verdict: a nice set, but the striping needs some work.  7/10

Noah B.- Pittsburgh Penguins

Next up is Noah B. with a design for the Penguins.  I love the use of the RoboPen here, I think it's a good looking logo that gets a lot of undeserved hate.  The full length yoke with different coloring offset by a stripe looks fantastic, and is reminiscent of the torso in the logo.  The matching hem stripes look great, and you manage to avoid yellow on white syndrome.  I think the Pens' gold is dark enough not to fall into that trap.  Final verdict: a great set that I think the Pens could pull off quite well.  9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

Noah B.- Toledo Walleye
Noah's second concept of the day is his design for our Toledo Walleye contest.  I like the look of the full body fish as a main crest, and I'm a huge fan of the use of light blue for the dark set.  I also like the hooks as a shoulder patch, and the font you used for the numbers works well with the Walleye's identity.  I really like how you switched up the collar and striping, even though they are surrounded by the navy in both sets.  While I like the striping, I think the outer lines are a little too thin, as they just seem to get muddled together and it detracts from both.  Final verdict: a good design, but striping needs some work.  8/10

Stealin T.- Deutchland Pinguine

Our final concept of the day is Stealin T.'s mashup of the Pens and team Germany.  The German color scheme lends itself surprisingly well to the template from the Pens' 02-07 uniforms.  The use of the realistic head from the Robopen on the German eagle was clever, but I wish you'd done a better job of lining up the necks properly.  While the numbers themselves don't look bad, they don't work on a yellow jersey.  Final verdict: an okay set, but the yellow numbers kill it.  6/10

That's all for me today, see y'all next week!